“Realise you just turned 27”, 13th October 2018

Hello and welcome to my blog!

My name is Elisa and I have been around quite a lot so far, but I currently live in Germany, where I am doing a PhD in Neuroscience. I previously studied an undergraduate degree in Biotechnology and a postgraduate degree in Neurobiology at the University of Pavia, Italy. I then won a postgraduate Erasmus+ traineeship at the Inserm in Lyon and, right after, I got a scholarship to study a Master of Science by Research at the University of York, England.

As many of my fellow PhD student colleagues might confirm, I am experiencing many challenges during my PhD studies. Therefore, I decided to start this “scientific” blog to remind myself why I chose to continue my scientific career with a PhD and the path that led me to this point. And to make this blog somewhat scientific, I will try to add few bits of science in it, with some information that caught my attention while I was experiencing that particular moment of my life.

I hope you enjoy my stories and I hope to get you excited about science as much as I am. Have fun 🙂